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On-Demand UAV Service

Let us take care of the hardware, pilot, and data processing.


Order now and hear from a pilot within 1-2 days.  They'll schedule a time to fly your field, and generally get your results back within 1-2 weeks! Reports are high-resolution, and can be downloaded locally for your convenience.


Orders start around $200, and gain increased discounts for larger fields. UAV subscription service also available at heavily discounted rates.


DIGS Water Management

Order high-quality water management and engineering consultations and services, including solutions for tile drainage, surface drainage, topography, and watersheds.


Individual services start as low as $5/acre and can be incorporated into bundles for package discounts. Order in as little as 5 minutes by choosing your fields and selecting your services.

An engineer will typically contact you within 1-2 days to confirm your order and plan a process of action. After completion of the service, all results, maps, and reports will be distributed to the customer through the site.

Ag-Analytics Add-In for ArcGIS

Securely integrate your precision agriculture system, then download, view, and manage your integrated data directly in ArcGIS Pro.​ Analyze field profits in ArcGIS Pro with ProfitLayers.

Access a suite of Ag-Analytics datasets and data processing services, including satellite and soils data, yield predictions, file converters, and more.


Soil Testing Solutions

Get the data you need to maximize the potential and productivity of your farm. 

Place a no obligation order for fast, high-quality soil testing services. You can easily select your field and sample zones with our mapping tools, then chose the plan that is right for you.

Packages start as low as $5/acre and can be customized to fit your needs. Our soil testing experts will be happy to work with you to provide the analysis you're looking for!

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