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On-Demand UAV Service

Ag-Analytics On-Demand UAV Service -- Let us Take Care of the Pilot, Hardware and Data Processing. 


Order in minutes and have a pilot flying your fields in a few days any where in the US. Data delivered through our advanced mapping portal. Starting around $200.


Integrate Your John Deere Operations Center or Climate FieldView Account to automatically load fields.

Water Management

Order high-quality water management and engineering consultations and services. Begin by selecting your field boundary in our mapping tool. Next, add services or service bundles to your selected fields. Finally, complete and place your order by filling in your contact information.


An engineer will typically contact you within 1-2 days to confirm your order and plan a process of action.


At completion of your project, your as-tiled maps and other project info will be automatically integrated with your ProfitLayers account to track ROI, performance, and profitability.

Wetland Creation

DataLayers and APIs


Use DataLayers™ to access free, reliable map layers clipped directly to your fields, no login required. Gain direct insights into the unique characteristics of your field. Login and claim fields for later use or integrate your John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView or CNH account.


Our high quality data include elevation profiles, satellite data, crop cover data, real-time and historical weather, and more.


Interested in APIs? Try out our suite of APIs and AI models to stream the data automatically to your system. 


Ag-Analytics ArcGIS Pro Plug-In

Automatically sync your integrated precision ag data as shapefiles directly to your desktop. Tool allows you to easily build custom Profit Layers in minutes. 


Tools also included to access real-time Data Layers (soil, satellite, elevation, and more) on your field and incorporate into your in field profitability analysis. 

Ag-Analytics Pro gives you the power of your data.

Contact Us at to be a beta tester!

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