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A Spotlight on the Ag-Analytics In-Field Services

At Ag-Analytics, we’re all about helping you boost the profitability of your fields. This means giving you options to:

  • Identify your main profit drivers

  • Manage your crop health

  • Correct field issues

  • Improve your farmland

To do so, we partnered with industry leaders to give you the best resources and services for soil testing, UAV imagery and analysis, and drainage management engineering. Combined with PROFIT LAYERS®, our precision data profit mapping platform, the Ag-Analytics In-Field Services give you the power and knowledge you need to help your crops perform the best they can. Read on to learn more about our In-Field Services, and try them out for your fields today!

Soil Testing Service

The Soil Testing Service provides a unique, all-inclusive approach to managing your soil. Our expert partners at Deveron handle all the steps of the soil testing process, from pulling the samples and getting them analyzed, to creating your scripts and returning your results digitally. This all-inclusive approach helps you save time and money by taking additional work off your plate.

Your soil and fertility recommendation results are returned in digital maps and shapefiles, which links directly with your precision data management in PROFIT LAYERS®. We give you the power to not only see your soil results, but use them to identify correlations and create solutions for your field. Try the soil testing service today by visiting:

UAV Imagery

Managing the health of your crop is an integral part of maximizing your profits. Taking a look at your fields from a different perspective - in the sky - can tell you many things that scouting from the ground simply cannot. The ultra-high-quality field images and maps captured by drones can help show crop health, water stress, nutrient deficiency, pest problems, and more.

Our expert partners from FarmFlight take care of the drone flights and imagery analysis, leaving you with quick results and high-depth insights into your field. Use the resulting images and maps to drive your in-field decisions or help narrow down your scouting range to the areas of your field that need attention. Check out the UAV service at

Drainage and Water Management

Field drainage and farmland improvements can be a huge risk for farmers and landowners if they don’t take the proper course of action. Our expert partners at DIGS Associates take a long-term, holistic approach to drainage management by considering the production, profits, and conservation benefits of your project.

DIGS engineers create drainage projects that are tailored to each specific field. To ensure that you get the most out of your investments, DIGS oversees all aspects of your water management project, from engineering to contracting and execution. The end result is a drainage installation and digital records that provide you with a return on your investment. You can find more information on the DIGS Drainage Management Service by visiting

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post, where the co-founders of DIGS Associates, Corey Getz and Quint Shambaugh, talk about taking a holistic approach to drainage management.


The Ag-Analytics In-Field Services give you the flexibility and answers you need to start improving your in-field profit performance. Get started today by submitting a no-obligation order.


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