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Exploring Precision Data in ArcGIS Pro with the Ag-Analytics Add-In

Growers and ArcGIS Pro users, rejoice! Using the Ag-Analytics Add-In, you can now access and analyze your precision agriculture data directly in the ArcGIS Pro platform. Through our partnership with ESRI, we’ve worked to simplify the data integration and analysis process. Read on to learn more about how the Ag-Analytics Add-In for ArcGIS Pro can tell you more about your farms and fields.

How Does ArcGIS Pro Help Me?

ESRI ArcGIS Pro is a desktop mapping application with many tools to process and analyze data on a geospatial level. ArcGIS Pro also adds layers of customization to your mapping and data processing efforts, giving you the ability to get the exact results you need. Through our partnership with ESRI, we’ve unlocked the final piece of the puzzle: seamlessly loading your precision agriculture data into ArcGIS Pro.

Precision Data in ArcGIS Pro: A Reality!

In working with growers, we’ve heard many requests for being able to load and access precision data within ArcGIS Pro. Up until this point, loading precision data into ArcGIS Pro was a manual process: download it from a cloud platform, convert it, and process it. The Ag-Analytics Add-In simplifies all of that by taking care of the loading, processing, and conversions for you. The end result is a system that downloads your integrated precision data straight into your ArcGIS Pro, making it easy and simple to use.

You can access your precision data from our three precision ag partner platforms: John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView, and CNH. Direct data integrations pull your data straight into your Ag-Analytics account, where we automatically process and prepare your data for immediate use in ArcGIS Pro.

If you have your data on a flash drive, that works too – you can simply upload your files into your Ag-Analytics account and let us handle all the processing. The Ag-Analytics Add-In also features one of those converters, the ADAPT precision file format converter, directly within the tool. This provides you more options and flexibility for getting your data where you need it.

Customize Your Analysis

Once your data is loaded into ArcGIS Pro, the next step is to use the data to understand your farms and fields. For that, use the PROFIT LAYERS® custom profit mapping system, built directly into the Add-In. PROFIT LAYERS® takes your precision operations data, translates them into costs and revenues, then combines them over your field to create a location-based profit map, in $/acre. The profit maps you generate will show you overall field profit performance, taking into account all the operations on your field, not just yields.

The Ag-Analytics Add-In also gives you full customizability of your profit analysis by allowing you to create additional boundaries and areas of interest. These areas of interest work as custom zones, allowing you to analyze your field’s profit performance within certain areas.

Have an extra spray pass on your field this year? You can analyze the profit performance of your field in areas sprayed, against areas with no additional application. This lets you dig deeper into your operation’s ROI breakdowns and find out if your choices really paid off.

A Full Suite of Maps and Tools, In One Place

Precision data is our main focus, but to fully tell your field’s story, we need to include other maps and datasets that can further explain performance. The Ag-Analytics Add-In comes with direct tools built-in to provide those maps for you, including:

  • Satellite imagery and maps through the Harmonized LandSat Sentinel (HLS) service, including NDVI, field crop health, red-edge, and other bands.

  • Elevation maps through the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) service, which also provides elevation indices like slope and terrain ruggedness (US only).

If you’re looking for a solution that lets you truly dig deeper into your precision operations, look no further than the Ag-Analytics Add-In. Download the Add-In and get started today!


See how the Ag-Analytics Add-In gives you insights and customizability. Try it today!


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