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Get a Head Start on Tracking Expenses This Season

Farming is all about planning, and one of the most important planning decisions you can make is to track your farm’s expenses early. With planting for corn and soybeans just about wrapping up, it’s a great time to get started logging seed costs and planting maps, so you can be prepared with accurate expense information and maps once fall harvest ends.

We’ve often heard that tracking farm expenses has historically been a source of headache for most farmers, with too much data and not enough time to manage it. Luckily, the Price Converter from PROFITLAYERS® is here to make managing costs and prices easy. The Price Converter gives you tools to manage all your farm’s input costs and prices from one place, saving you time and reducing headaches.

All Your Prices, In One Spot

We want to make it easier for you to manage your costs and prices. That’s why we built the Price Converter, which stores and records your farm’s costs and prices for Seedings, Applications, Harvest, and any other expenses or revenues. No longer do you need to track down a receipt or search for an invoice later in the year. Just enter your price once, and the system will store that information for you to use throughout the season.

Integrated with PROFITLAYERS®

Storing your costs and prices in one place is definitely a time-saver. Now imagine applying those prices automatically to your precision operation maps to calculate profits within your field. The Price Converter is integrated with our existing PROFITLAYERS® technology, so your prices will link up with your precision records to use in creating profit maps for your fields.

Let Us Handle Conversions

Inputs, like seed and chemicals, can often have pricing units that don’t line up neatly with as-applied rates. For example, seed corn is generally planted by seed, thousand seeds, or pounds, but can be bought in bags, boxes, or cases. The Price Converter bridges this gap by handling all unit conversions for you. Just tell us how much you bought and how much you paid, and the tool will convert your price per bag into a per-seed or per-pound price to automatically match to your precision ag data.

Record One Price For All Your Fields

Even if crop and input prices are neatly stored in one place, the real question comes down to time. Will it take me an entire afternoon to load all my prices in, field by field?

Thankfully, the answer is no. The Price Converter eliminates all unnecessary data entry by applying your prices to all the right operations and fields. Enter your price for this season’s hybrid seed, and we’ll apply that price to all your fields that were planted with that hybrid.

The same goes with chemicals: enter the price of your fertilizer or herbicide, and the tool will apply that price to all your fields sprayed with that chemical (including tank mixes!). By automatically applying your prices to the right operations, the Price Converter gives you more time for other important tasks, like tracking hybrid performance with PROFITLAYERS®.

Track Long-Term Trends

Our most diligent growers aren’t just thinking about this year; they’re thinking about next year and using the past years as comparisons. The Price Converter stores and displays prices for any of your past seasons, so you can see how your input prices for seed or chemical have risen or fallen year-by-year


Overall, the Price Converter simplifies the process of tracking input prices and costs, saving you time and getting you back in the fields sooner. Let the Price Converter help you get a jump on tracking this season’s prices: just set it and forget it, until harvest.

The Price Converter is part of PROFITLAYERS®, an innovative farm data analysis system. How can we help your operation?


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