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Helping Transition Your Farm's Focus from Production to Profits

Customer Spotlight: Jared Weisenbeck

Farming is in Jared Weisenbeck’s blood: born and raised on a dairy and crop farm in western Wisconsin, he’s working as an Integrated Solutions Specialist to bring data-driven support and analytics to his growers. With the help of PROFITLAYERS®, Jared relies on data and technology to analyze operations and help identify greater opportunities for profit.

Bringing Value to Your Data

Jared has been supporting his growers in the Eau Claire area since 2015. As a part of Tractor Central LLC, a John Deere dealership, Jared works daily with data coming from precision monitors and the John Deere Operations Center. Two years ago, Jared started using PROFITLAYERS® initially to provide a new, profit-focused perspective for his growers. Now, Jared features PROFITLAYERS® as the first tool in his management toolbox, leaning on the profit maps he generates to analyze data for profitability and performance.

“The PROFITLAYERS® tool has really enhanced the digital services and connections I have with my customers,” Jared says. “By using the profit map, plus the many other tools in the system, I can dive deeper into the analytics of a field and the operations performed on that field.”

Jared Weisenbeck says, "The profit maps have ultimately allowed us to change our focus from production to profitability when looking at both the field and an operation."

Simplifying the Process

Jared also mentioned that the partnership and direct integration between PROFITLAYERS® and John Deere Operations Center has made his work much easier, both in starting the analysis and delivering a grower’s results.

“Having the ability to easily share the information from PROFITLAYERS® to the John Deere Operations Center has allowed me to provide these detailed results in an easy and accessible way to my customers,” said Jared.

Keeping an Eye on the Future

As he continues to use PROFITLAYERS® to highlight profitability and ROI for his growers, Jared says he is looking forward to jumping into some of the newest features. As we noted in our recent blog post, PROFITLAYERS® recently released the Farm Reports, a tool that builds custom profitability and performance reports at the overall farm level. For Jared, this was the final piece of the profitability puzzle. “The one thing PROFITLAYERS® was missing in the past was the ability to run a report based on farm profitability,” he says. “As you can imagine, I was extremely excited when they released the Farm Reports.”

For now, Jared says he is excited to continue using PROFITLAYERS®, delivering results, and helping his growers focus on their profitability.


Ready to understand your field's profitability? Jump into PROFITLAYERS® to see the value our digital tools and services can bring to your operation.


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