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How AcreValue® Helps Farmers Manage and Explore Farmland

In our last blog post, we introduced you to AcreValue®, the leading provider of farmland information in the land management space. For some blog followers, especially our brokers, ag lenders, and farmland managers, the Introducing AcreValue® post refreshed your knowledge of the platform and the benefits of a Premium subscription. But for many of our longtime readers, especially our farmers, this may have been your first encounter with AcreValue®. So, for this week’s post, we focus on how farmers can use AcreValue® to explore farmland to understand values and search for the next parcel.

Explore AcreValue® as you read along! Take me there.

Manage Owned Farmland

According to the most recent USDA Census in 2017, just over 60% of all U.S. farmland acres are owner-operated. From our experience, we know that owners who operate their farmland are generally curious about the land around them. Using AcreValue®, you can learn more about your area, including information on:

  • Crop history: what crops have been grown in the past 5 years?

  • Soil types: what do the soils look like?

  • Ownership: who owns land in the neighborhood?

Of course, owner-operators are also diligent about their own land and parcels. Many owners are curious about what their land is worth, so they check out the AcreValue® land value estimate. Others want to make sure their land and boundaries are logged accurately, so they use the AcreValue® Owner Options to claim their parcel and make sure the land and boundaries are displayed correctly.

Ready to start exploring land in your area? Let’s jump in!

Prospecting for Your Next Parcel

Another common use case on AcreValue® is prospecting for new farmland. AcreValue® is one of the best tools around for prospecting. AcreValue® Plus subscribers can tap into advanced filtering options to quickly hone into exactly the kind of land they’re looking for.

Interested in a Plus subscription? Learn more here!

For example, you’re a grower who is looking to work some additional land next season. You can use the filters to choose your preferred size, location, and historical land use. For each parcel that meets your criteria, you can further inspect the slope, soil type, soil quality, and the ownership information.

For more field information, including elevation maps, satellite crop health, and real-time weather, rely on DATALAYERS™.

Getting in Touch with the Owner

After finding a parcel you’re interested in picking up, the next step is connecting with the landowner to make your offer. We know that renting farmland is a process built on trust. In many cases, sending a physical letter to the owner’s address is the most appropriate way to get in touch.

AcreValue® Plus subscribers can see both the owner’s name and address for any selected parcel on AcreValue®. Not only does AcreValue® help connect farmers with potential landlords, but it also helps farmers approach the conversation well-informed on the land in question.

Ready to get in touch with the right landowner? Pick up a Plus subscription today!

How Can I Get Started?

Start by visiting To begin, simply zoom in on the map until you find the parcel of land you are interested in. Click on the parcel to see key parcel information like total acreage, soil rating, ownership, crop history, and our AcreValue® land value estimate. By generating a full report, you can access even more information, including soil maps and historical land use for the past 5 years.

Check out how AcreValue® can help you out by visiting today. It's free to begin learning about land in your area. As you need more tools or data, you can upgrade to the right plan for your needs. If you have questions, reach out to our customer support team!


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