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Simplify Your Offseason Soil Testing Needs!

As harvest wraps up across much of North America, it is an important time to prepare for soil testing during the offseason. If you are looking for an all-inclusive, easy, and affordable soil testing and prescription service for your operation, look no further than our offering from Ag-Analytics®. Read on to learn how the Soil Testing and Prescription Service simplifies the soil testing process and gives you more time back for the things that matter.

Curious about an order for one of your fields? Head to the order portal!

What Am I Buying?

The Soil Testing and Prescription Service is an all-inclusive package that takes care of every step of the soil testing process for you. Every order includes:

  • Soil Collection: A trained professional will collect soil samples from your field.

  • Lab Fertility Analysis: The soil samples will be sent to a verified lab and analyzed based on best management practices from your region.

  • Soil Analytics Tool: The Lab Fertility Analysis is combined with yield maps to generate an analysis of limiting nutrients and overall nutrient performance.

  • Fertility Application Script: The lab results and analysis are combined to create recommendations for next season’s nutrient management plan.

  • Map Book: Lab results and analysis results are returned in a digital collection of maps and images.

Each order has 3 choices for customizability, so you can order the right amount of detail and analysis for your field:

  • Lab Analysis Level: Choose between 2 levels of lab tests – Basic or Advanced

  • Sampling Style: Choose between grid sampling or polygon sampling (yield-based management zones created at no additional cost)

  • Sampling Size: Choose between 2.5 acre or 5 acre sampling sizes

If you need a custom test, like testing for nematodes or a specific micronutrient, we can likely provide that for you – just let us know!

How Much Does It Cost?

Now that you know what you’re buying, the next important question is: “How much does it cost?” The cost depends on your choices for lab analysis level, sampling style, and sampling size (which we covered in the previous section).

All packages start at $5 per acre, and our most expensive standard package tops out at $11 per acre. To get a quote on costs for your field, visit the Soil Ordering Portal and get started on your no-obligation order.

What Do The Results Look Like?

After you place your no-obligation order, you should generally expect your soil test results to be delivered within 1-2 weeks. Within the ProfitLayers® website, you will be able to view all your results, including soil zones, soil pH, nutrient concentrations, and limiting nutrients. All of your reports and maps will be available as online images, and can also be downloaded as PDFs or geospatial map files.

How Do I Place My Order?

Now, for the most important question: How can I place my order? Start by visiting the ordering portal at Ordering is simple and fast:

  1. Find and select your field boundary, or draw a custom boundary on the map.

  2. Choose sampling style – grids or zones – and choose your sampling size.

  3. Select your lab analysis level (here, you will be able to see pricing options for each package).

  4. Enter your contact information and check out.

After you place your order, you should expect to hear from a soil testing technician within 1-2 days to coordinate and confirm your order! If you have previously integrated your precision agriculture data with ProfitLayers®, we will load in your field boundaries so you can quickly select them for your purchase.

Ready to place your order? Visit the soil order portal!

We have soil experts standing by throughout the Midwest, Great Plains, and Southern United States and Canada who are ready to help meet your needs. Place your no-obligation order (minimum 40 acres), get a quote, and try out the Soil Testing and Prescription Service this winter!


Have more questions? Get in touch with an expert!!


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