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Three Tips for Measuring Your Hybrid Performance

Picking the right hybrid is critical to any grower’s success. Without the right information, it can be difficult to set a plan for your field’s hybrids. Here are three key tips to help you measure your hybrid performance and be confident in your plan.

Profits Over Yield

Yield performance is a huge driver of your bottom line. But focusing on yields leaves out part of your field’s story. By focusing on profits, you can account for the extra nitrogen or additional spray pass that the hybrid needed. You can also factor in that hybrid’s seed costs or variable seeding rates across areas of your field. PROFIT LAYERS® accounts for those operations, helping you see exactly how your hybrids are driving your bottom line.

Track Performance by Location

We know that not every acre is the same, so it’s always important to take a closer look. Getting the most out of your hybrids relies on knowing how each hybrid performed in your field zones. Start by comparing your field’s profit map to your variety map. You can quickly identify how seeding rates or yield performance drove field profits in specific locations. The PROFIT LAYERS® Variety Analysis tool does the work for you by spotting performance trends by location for each hybrid.

An image of a map on a field showing profit levels corresponding to planted seed hybrids.
The Variety Analysis helps you see your hybrid’s profit performance at different field locations.

If you notice an area of lower profit within a hybrid’s planted area, the next step is to identify the trends that are driving profits lower in that location. Based on the trends, you can create a plan to increase profits next year. Lean on the PROFIT LAYERS® Zone Analysis to track profit levels for custom management zones on your field. Learn more about tracking profits within custom management zones.

Go Beyond the Field Level

Making the best decisions for your farm means tracking performance at the farm level. By looking at crop and hybrid performance across fields and planted acres, you can pick out which hybrids to bring back for next year.

An image of a chart showing seed hybrid performance across multiple fields.
Use the Farm Reports to sort hybrid performance by profit and applied acres.

Use the PROFIT LAYERS® Farm Reports to see a breakdown of performance for each hybrid, across all of your farm’s fields and acreage. Sort the data in charts to identify which hybrids were your highest performers. Read more about the Farm Reports here: Understand Your Farm's Profitability.

Ensure your fields are set to plant their strongest hybrids next year. Use the PROFIT LAYERS® system to identify and track your highest-performing hybrids today!


The Variety Analysis is part of PROFIT LAYERS®, an innovative farm data analysis system. Find out how we can help your operation by requesting a demo.


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