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Use the Precision Acreage Reporting System™ for Free This Spring!

The 2021 crop is in the ground and the Spring crop acreage reporting deadline is approaching. Luckily, the Precision Acreage Reporting System™ is here to simplify your required reports.

PARS™ is the first generation of tools that are RMA-approved to submit precision-based acreage reports directly to USDA. Your acreage reports submitted through PARS™ are accepted by RMA and FSA for all your programs, including federal crop insurance. Try it out today, it’s FREE for Spring crop acreage reporting!

Using Precision Data to Reduce Work

You’ve been diligently tracking this spring’s planting progress on your monitor or cloud platform. You’ve got the data, why not let it speak for itself? In working with growers and agents, we’ve designed a simple system to use precision ag data in creating acreage reports. This reduces the amount of work needed by using information that is already being captured.

Using PARS™, you can easily use precision planting information to create your acreage reports. Uploading your information is easy and secure, with direct data integrations supported by our precision ag platform partners: John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView, and CNH. Once your account is active, PARS™ automatically processes your planting data, including acreage, crop type, and planting date, and uses this information in the acreage report builder.

If you are storing your precision data on your monitor or flash drive, that works too – you can simply upload your planting files, and we’ll handle all the conversions you need.

Does your precision data need a bit of clean-up? You can easily adjust or modify your records using the PARS™ data cleaning tools. And, if you have missing data or had a prevented planting, you can still create complete digital planting records directly in the tool.

How do I submit my precision acreage report?

PARS™ is focused on simplifying the process and removing extra work. The PARS™ submission process is authorized to securely submit acreage reports directly to the USDA Clearinghouse, which distributes your acreage information to FSA and your AIPs. With PARS™, you can create one single acreage report, then send it to everyone you need to. You get a standard acreage reporting experience every time, regardless of which AIPs you work with.

Solutions for Growers and Agents

Whether you are a grower or an agent, PARS™ has the right tools for you. If you are a grower, you can easily loop in your agent and authorize them to use your data. Of course, you can also choose to prepare and submit your own acreage reports as well.

If you are an agent, you can use the built-in Agent Portal to manage your growers and their reports. You can also send your growers invitations and links to make data gathering easy and automatic. If your grower wants to keep a copy of their report on file, you can quickly create a PDF version and share the document with your grower.

Free Spring 2021 Acreage Reporting

It makes sense to try out the PARS™ system for free this Spring. Sign up now and onboarding takes less than 5 minutes. PARS™ will help you simplify and speed up your Acreage Reports!


Ready to speed up your acreage reporting process? Jump into PARS™ and try it for free today!


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