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WEST LAFAYETTE, IN / June 25, 2021 -- Ag-Analytics® announced today the launch of the Precision Acreage Reporting System™ (PARS™), a website system for digital acreage reporting. PARS™ will be free for 2021 spring crop acreage reporting, providing farmers and agents with an easier, more accurate way to report planted acreage. Users can get started by visiting and creating their free account.

Farmers and insurance agents can use the PARS™ system to create and submit ACRSI acreage reports using precision agriculture data. Direct precision data integrations with John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView, and CNH make it easy to load in data. As an authorized third-party system, PARS™ can submit your completed acreage report directly to the USDA Clearinghouse, which distributes the report to FSA and your AIPs.

“Among professional farmers and insurance agents, the talk is all about how to use their precision data to report acreage faster, easier, and more accurately,” said Joshua Woodard, CEO of Ag-Analytics®. “PARS™ gives farmers and agents a convenient tool to simplify the acreage reporting process.”

One of the most important features of PARS™ is the flexibility of the platform for both growers and agents. Agents can easily work with their growers and use the built-in Agent Portal to quickly integrate their growers’ precision data. Growers can choose to work with their agent or prepare and submit the acreage report to USDA themselves.


On top of the platform’s flexibility and user features, the PARS™ system includes:

  • Data Cleaning: Use a set of custom mapping tools to update and verify your planting operation boundaries and acreage.

  • PDF Reports: Create a full PDF copy of the acreage report to store or distribute to your grower or agent.

  • Submission Archive: Quickly access and download past acreage report submissions.


For more information on the PARS™ and acreage reporting, visit

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About Ag-Analytics®

Ag-Analytics® is a data analytics and risk management company which developed and maintains the flagship platform ProfitLayers®, a precision analytics system that specializes in the analysis of precision ag data, remote satellite analytics and risk management. Through integrations with John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView, and CNH, growers can easily integrate and analyze their data to perform custom ROI and management planning. Growers can also find free satellite, soil, weather and other data feeds on their fields. Begin by integrating your data at, and learn more by visiting

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