Select Your Field

You can find your field by using the Organization/Farm/Field dropdowns, or by navigating to your field on the map. Select your field to begin setting up your ProfitLayers. To use the Organization/Farm/Field dropdowns, select an organization of your choice within the first “Organization” dropdown menu. After selecting an Organization, your Farms and Fields will automatically populate within the “Farm” and “Field” dropdowns. Selecting a specific field will move the map above the field boundary. The map is interactive, allowing you to change zoom levels from ground-level to state level. You can use a combination of zoom levels and moving the map to find and select your field.

Navigate ProfitLayers

All of your integrated precision ag operation layers are shown within the interface. In addition, ProfitLayers shows some summary information about your field, such as net seeded acreage, year selected, and cost and revenue calculations. To switch between your different operations, use the navigation summary tabs to the left. For example, select Seed Costs to see your seeding operations for that year. Every page will have a “Back” and “Continue” button for easy access to the previous and next steps.

Select Your Years

To select the correct year for your ProfitLayers, select the Year dropdown, located on the upper left side of the interface. To select a different year, select the circle for the year you want, then select the circles to remove the years you don’t need. After selecting the right year, click outside the dropdown to update the interface. Alternatively, when selecting just one year of data, select the year numbers instead of the circle to automatically load that single year. To use data from multiple years, select the circle for each year you want, then click outside the dropdown to update the interface.

View Your Operations Data

Your integrated operations data is categorized into Seed Costs, Chemical and Fertilizer Costs, Cost of Field Passes, Other Costs, Harvest Revenues, and Other Revenues. Within each operation, you can view the operation name, its associated acreage, the applied rate, the price, and the cost per acre. You can also view an operation summary, which describes the total acreage of the operation, the average applied rate, average input price, and average cost per acre. For costs and revenues with no applied rate (such as cash rent), you can view the operation name, acreage, cost per acre, and total cost.