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What Do Equipment Dealers Ask About PROFIT LAYERS®?

Here at Ag-Analytics®, we work with lots of different folks across the ag industry to help growers make better decisions with their data. For example, one of our biggest customer bases is precision ag departments. Precision ag departments at equipment dealerships play a huge part in data-driven ag by supporting the grower with data collection and data management services.

Through our experiences supporting the dealerships with our PROFIT LAYERS® platform, we’ve learned that dealerships ensure they bring the best solutions to their growers by asking lots of questions. To help out, we’ve answered some of the most frequent questions we hear from our equipment dealership and Integrated Solutions customers.

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1. How does PROFIT LAYERS® benefit our growers?

By using PROFIT LAYERS®, the industry’s premier profit mapping and analysis platform, dealers can start to put precision data to work. As the ag industry continues to embrace digital farming solutions, farmers are diligently collecting precision operations data for their farms and fields. Collecting the data is important, but that is only part of the solution. To truly feel benefits, farmers need to be able to use the data in making improvements and better decisions for their operations.

As a profit mapping and data analysis platform, PROFIT LAYERS® is built to easily identify in-field trends and calculate profit-driving ROIs. These results can directly help the grower make better, data-driven decisions for their fields. Ultimately, the results from PROFIT LAYERS® generates a return on investment for not only the profit mapping services, but also data collection efforts, custom applications, and their other operation management strategies.

2. How does PROFIT LAYERS® benefit our dealership?

We know that all dealerships pride themselves on strengthening trusted relationships with their growers. Most dealerships have built those relationships by providing quality equipment and data capture services. Using PROFIT LAYERS® helps dealerships add another layer by bridging the gap between data collection and field profits.

By using PROFIT LAYERS® to identify in-field trends and calculate profit-driving ROIs, dealers can show the grower that collecting precision data was a valuable part of their management strategy. Providing the “so-what” for precision data increases the importance of the data collection equipment and services provided by the dealership, further reinforcing those strong relationships.

We know the importance dealerships hold as the hub of agricultural solutions in our communities. That’s why we set up our Dealer Sales Referral and Commission Program to help our partner dealerships directly. To learn more about enrolling your dealership in the program, Contact us for more details!

3. Our dealership is different. What management options do you have for us?

We know that each dealership is different, so we built PROFIT LAYERS® to be flexible.

  • If the Integrated Solutions department wants to manage the data, it is easy to set up a dealership-level enterprise account with all your growers within it.

  • If the growers want to manage their own data, they can just as easily set up their own accounts and dive right in. They can get started by integrating their precision data.

If you have questions about setting up PROFIT LAYERS® for your dealership, get in touch with us! We’re willing to work with you to meet your dealership’s data solution needs.

4. How easy is it to get started?

We built PROFIT LAYERS® so getting started would be easy. First, the direct data connections with John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView, and CNH let you quickly load in your precision ag data with just a few clicks. From there, our systems automatically process the data into your account, so you can immediately get started generating profit maps. To get started, just start the precision ag integrations!

Ready to try it for yourself? See how easy PROFIT LAYERS® makes profit mapping by getting started.


Want to hear from an expert about the benefits PROFIT LAYERS® can bring your dealership? Get in touch with us and schedule a demo!


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