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WEST LAFAYETTE, IN / November 17, 2020 -- Ag-Analytics® today announced a partnership with DIGS Associates to deliver high quality drainage and water management solutions at competitive prices. To order, customers can create a free ProfitLayers® account at, then visit the order portal at


The suite of drainage and water management services includes solutions for tile drainage, surface drainage, topography, watersheds, and remediation analysis. Individual services start as low as $5 per acre and can be incorporated into bundles for package discounts and added value.


Customers can easily place their order through the ProfitLayers® online order portal by choosing their fields and selecting services, all in under 5 minutes. The ProfitLayers® Data Layers service can help customers identify potential fields and areas of interest by providing field slope, elevation, and topography for free. After placing the order, an engineer will then confirm the order and plan a process of action within 1-2 days.


To enable the secure and efficient delivery of results, Ag-Analytics and DIGS have established a data integration with ProfitLayers®. When the order and services are completed, all results, maps, and reports are delivered through the ProfitLayers® system, and can be accessed through the ProfitLayers® online website. In the application, customers can interact with their as-tiled drainage maps using their ProfitLayers® account for analysis and ROI monitoring.


“Water management is an integral part of enabling and managing healthy crop growth. Our partnership with DIGS will allow us to offer the highest quality drainage and water management engineering services to growers and land owners to plan, execute, and monitor the ROI of their land improvement investments,” says Joshua Woodard, CEO and founder of Ag-Analytics®. “The API integration will also allow growers to maintain and analyze their as-tiled data after the project is complete.”


The shifting nature of today’s farming landscape makes the combination of financial and agronomic efficiency paramount to operations, both large and small. The water management benefit provided by quality services from DIGS, combined with the data management and analytics power of Ag-Analytics, enables growers to boost their farm management efficiencies while simultaneously improving environmental outcomes.


“We are very excited to collaborate with Ag-Analytics in an effort to improve the client experience and make our valuable services more easily accessible,” says Corey Getz, GEO of DIGS. “DIGS Associates and Ag-Analytics both share a similar vision.  We strive to empower our clients by offering timely and accurate data and information necessary to make informed decisions.”


“Ag-Analytics has developed a user-friendly map, now available on our website, which allows farmers, landowners, or farm managers to locate and select the fields and request our services for those fields,” says Quint Shambaugh, Chairman of the Board at DIGS. “This new interactive map and online platform will allow our clients to begin their land improvement process within minutes anywhere in the world.”


To order drainage and water management services, or to find more information about the service, customers can visit the order portal at


About Ag-Analytics

Ag-Analytics® and ProfitLayers® is a precision analytics system that specializes in the analysis of precision ag data, remote satellite analytics and risk management. Through integrations with John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView, and CNH, growers can easily integrate and analyze their data to perform custom ROI and management planning. Growers can also find free satellite, soil, weather and other data feeds on their fields. Begin by integrating your data at, and learn more by visiting  


About DIGS

DIGS Associates’ mission is to maximize drainage water management investments by offering objective advice, innovative solutions, and continuing service. DIGS partners with industry experts, oversees sophisticated land improvement projects, and serves as a long-term partner for the client’s land and water management.

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