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WEST LAFAYETTE, IN / December 8, 2020 -- Ag-Analytics® today announced an expansion of its University Partner Network to include Kansas State University and North Carolina State University. K-State and NC State will join established university partners LSU, University of Arkansas, URI, and UPenn.


The partnership will allow growers to opt in to share with university researchers to access field-level precision agriculture data securely and confidentially for research purposes. All data accessed by the researchers will be anonymized and confidential. University researchers will only be granted access to data from users who have opted into a sharing agreement with that university.


“Adding K-State and NC State to our growing University Partner Network is a great step forward,” says Joshua Woodard, CEO and founder of Ag-Analytics®. “The secure and convenient access to data will enable impactful research, and we are excited to support that cause.”


Ag-Analytics® is a farm management platform that specializes in data collection, management, and analysis of precision agriculture data. Through innovative tools and services for farmers, crop consultants, and more, Ag-Analytics® is working to help users mitigate risks, decrease environmental impacts, improve yields, and increase profits by making better-informed farm management decisions.


Farmers can easily sign up to participate with K-State’s researchers at, and with NC State’s researchers at All data gathered will remain strictly confidential, and personally identifiable information will be stripped from the data sets. Sign-up is completely free, and farmers who sign-up will receive a free Ag-Analytics® account, with access to high-resolution satellite NDVI imagery, historical and current weather conditions, insurance estimates, and much more.

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