Select Your Field

You can find your field by using the Organization/Farm/Field dropdowns, or by navigating to your field on the map. Select your field to begin setting up your ProfitLayers. To use the Organization/Farm/Field dropdowns, select an organization of your choice within the first “Organization” dropdown menu. After selecting an Organization, your Farms and Fields will automatically populate within the “Farm” and “Field” dropdowns. Selecting a specific field will move the map above the field boundary. The map is interactive, allowing you to change zoom levels from ground-level to state level. You can use a combination of zoom levels and moving the map to find and select your field.

Navigate ProfitLayers

The precision ag integration process will automatically ask you to create an Ag-Analytics account after you sign into your precision ag platform. The data will be linked to the Ag-Analytics account that you create.

Select the Right Years

View Your Operations Data