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4 Tips to Prepare for Harvest with PROFIT LAYERS®

Harvest is starting in areas of the Midwest, and as combines start moving, it’s just about time to see the results and returns from this past season. To end the season strong, it’s important to be prepared for data-driven success. Below is a list of four things we recommend growers do to prepare for harvest. Take a minute to go through our Harvest Checklist for your operation!

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1. Confirm Your Precision Data Integration

The first task is making sure your precision data is set to flow into PROFIT LAYERS®. Take some time to log into PROFIT LAYERS® and double-check your integrations. Connections are available for John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView, and CNH, so if you’re integrated with one of these platforms, your harvest data is ready to flow into your PROFIT LAYERS® account. No manual data processing required, so no stress!

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2. Update Your Planting and Applications Data

At the end of the year, it’s important to be able to see results from all your field operations, including planting and mid-season applications. Updating your planting and applications data right before harvest means you can use your most up-to-date information to generate more accurate analysis. In PROFIT LAYERS®, you can quickly refresh your operations and field boundaries.

If you collected your planting and applications data onto your monitor or flash drive, no worries. You’ll want to upload your data ahead of harvest so you’re ready to quickly analyze crop hybrid performance and application ROI.

3. Double-Check Your Prices

Once all your operations are loaded, you should double-check your input costs and prices on PROFIT LAYERS®. We will pre-populate price estimates for each of your operations, but it’s a good idea to verify they’re accurate before harvest. We recommend using the Price Converter to save yourself time when making those updates. Doing so ensures that you receive the most accurate snapshot of your field profits.

4. Be Prepared for All Conditions!

Catching rain at this time of year can really slow down a harvest. Be prepared for any weather conditions thrown at you by keeping a close eye out on your fields! You can double-check your field conditions, including current weather, extreme weather alerts, and local precipitation data for the season, all on the DATALAYERS™ system. Make sure conditions on your field are prime for harvest, and prepare for any situation you see coming!

With the tips above, you should be all set to capture and analyze your harvest information, as well as your entire season’s profit performance. Above all else, stay safe and prepared, and have a great harvest!


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